TallTree Pictures


Bait Room film

The Coppers Keeper of Secrets

Written by Britains Leading Police
Drama Writer, Arthur Mckenzie

Cast - In order of appearance

Porky - Steven Hillman
Sid - Peter Brown
Blackie - Christopher Bailey
Kathy - Louise Dearden
Sergeant Inch - Philip Harrison
Adamson - Bill Fellows


Produced and Directed by Vincent Woods
Written by Arthur Mckenzie
DOP - James McAleer

D.I.T (Digital Image Technician) - Richard George Robert Scott
Lighting by Dave Morgan
Lighting Assistant - Kay Donnelly
Sound Recordist - Andy Ludbrook
Music by Beatsuite & Mudshark
Music Design Vince Woods

1st Assistant Director - Jamie Korn
2nd Assistant Director - Phil Diamond
Location Manager - Gareth Williams
Production Manager - Kate Dobson
Production Assistant - Andrew Cheeseman
Production Assistant - Joanna Culver

Photography - Davina Ferguson
Costume and Art Direction - Sabrina Robinson
Props - Northern Prop Hire
Make-up - Vikky Johnston

Edited by Benjamin Mullins
Sound Edit by Andy Ludbrook
Casting - David Whitaker & Jackie fielding