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Bait Room film

The Coppers Keeper of Secrets

Written by Britains Leading Police
Drama Writer, Arthur Mckenzie


A gritty tale of conflict, prejudice and humour set in a small dark, filthy, testosterone filled bait room in a Police station where the graveyard shift rest and eat during the middle of the night. Set in Newcastle upon Tyne 1970.

Health and safety, political correctness? Forget it! This is 1970 when cops roamed the streets and endeavoured to protect the public. No radios, pepper sprays or stab proof vests then, they just got on with it unsupported, bare against the underworld.  A microcosm of social attitudes then.

This small dark, filthy room was their safe haven, where bait was consumed in the dead of night and the mask of respectability dropped, conflict could grow, but always underpinned by a rich vein of black humour, cementing them as a team. Bait Room is surreal, funny and touching.  But most of all makes us wonder, what happened to the real Bobby on the beat?


The film centers on Porky a loud mouthed, in your face, fat, and generally unkempt PC in his mid thirties who always has a day’s growth on his face. However, he is a good practical cop, not frightened to row with anyone of any rank if he thinks he is right.

Dramatic from the very first scene when Porky enters to find a colleague with a plastic bag over his head attempting to commit suicide. This is Sid nicknamed 'Forky Tail' because of his moustache. He keeps himself to himself, very precise and thinks he is a cut above the rest.

As the film progresses the rest of the team enter during the ‘graveyard shift’ its 2.00am. We see how this group of police officers coped emotionally with the death and misery dished out to them on a daily basis. We also see how the occasional woman in the force survived.


Bait Room is a based on the true-life experiences of policeman Arthur McKenzie the writer of the film. It is surreal, funny and touching. Multilayered it haunts you and encourages you to want to know more.

This production has well known actors such as Bill Fellows and Steven Hillman starring in it and it also holds a professional and experienced crew.

Bait Room was shot on RED ONE™ (James McAleer) and edited by Superkrush Films.

This short film can stand on its own two feet but TallTree Pictures sees it as a platform for its slate and an impressive example of the quality of films that we are going to produce.