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Bait Room film

The Coppers Keeper of Secrets

Written by Britains Leading Police
Drama Writer, Arthur Mckenzie



Mid thirties with about 10 years service. As his nickname indicates he is fat, generally unkempt and always got a days growth on his face.

Totally outspoken and non p.c. (if a P.C. can be that) Eating constantly…in fact if someone leaves a banana or half a sandwich lying he will immediately snaffle it up. Having said all of that he is a good practical cop and not frightened to grasp the nettle and have a row with anyone of any rank if he thinks he is right... would make a good Federation representative.

A good man to have behind you in the witness box as the saying goes. A bit like the Oz character but far more sympathetic.



Tall, well groomed and nicknamed 'Forky Tail' because of his likeness to images of the devil.

Hair long wavy parted in the middle, and a moustache to match. He has a military background which is reflected in preciseness... for instance his bait is always neatly packaged in a tupperware box, with napkins and tupperware salt and pepper dispensers.

Talks pseudo Geordie but lapses when he least expects it. Thinks he's a cut above the rest because of his military experience, but as a copper doesn't do a stroke and has never seen an angry teacake. Avoids work whenever possible... lazy bastard! And never joins in at cards or dominoes with the rest at bait time, but reads readers digest to which he has subscribed.



Twenty-six five years in and still regarded as a bit of a rookie, but she is not, but having to undergo the macho system in which she is tries to operate.

Having said that she joins in with everything and gives as good as she gets. Her background is from a council estate, left school at 16 and had several jobs, joining the police service after a boring existence as a CO in the Civil Service... Longbenton.

Unmarried, but has a temporary 'boyfriend' who is a waiter on the Newcastle to Kings Cross trains.

Ambitious and has in fact passed her exams to sergeant.



Of mixed, indeterminate race…and from North Shields…about 25, and into fitness...

Plenty of spirit and a match for anyone, giving as good as he gets.

Leaving school at 15 he worked on the trawlers and then as a merchant seaman. Doesn't care one fig about his colour and very relaxed in his own skin.

Likes locking villains up and often gets into trouble. His party piece is doing impromptu karaoke any chance he gets….and has been seen walking his beat with a yo-yo



The section sergeant. 46, At the back end of his service, tall, always immaculate, but likes a drink, especially on duty, and has been known to have the odd romantic tussle with civilian staff in the police office.

Really a bit of a charmer and like Sid, he has a military presence.

A hard man however who will also get stuck in to work when he has too. His support is unquestioning in his loyalty to his troops and is liked by them.



Shift inspector. Late forties Again at the end of his service and aloof and disciplinarian, his background is a little hazy and no one knows exactly how he has made it... probably from his freemason connections, but has come up through the ranks from training school. As such his condescending attitude prevails throughout.

Always on about his brilliant daughter who is training to be a barrister in London.